Loot The Lanes Pier Pressure Review

We revisited Pier Pressure in Brighton to play their latest escape game Loot The Lanes. Having previously played all their other excellent rooms we were confident that despite it's slightly higher price point we would be guaranteed another great sixty minutes of fun at this stand-out escape room venue.

We arrived at Pier Pressure's main location to await the arrival of ‘Monty' our GM, who boldly escorted us in full character the few yards to the off-site location for our Loot The Lanes escape. Bizarrely, the Brighton locals seemed entirely unfazed by a bowler hatted chap, complete with dazzling purple suit and cane marching confidently down the street with his booming, aristocratic voice! We’d not even accessed the space for our game yet and already we were suitably impressed by the memorable efforts of our outstanding GM.

Characterisation is something Pier Pressure most certainly excels at!

Once across the threshold, Monty whilst notably including our team name multiple times effortlessly in his transcript, retold the rooms backstory with further gusto: 

“Few people know about the Brighthelm Diamond, a jewel of epic value. It was purchased by four of Brighton’s most influential developers and has been hidden, for if ever the city was in dire need. But now, Brighton is in danger of losing it, as its whereabouts have been revealed to the worst kind of people. It is only a matter of time before it is stolen and auctioned off. We must break into the jeweller where it is hidden and save the treasure for the sake of the City.”

The impressively high standard of the Ye Olde Worlde replica of 'Brighton Lanes' was phenomenal. Featuring realistic shop fronts and window displays that wouldn’t look out of place in Brighton’s unique, real-life North Laine. The attention to detail in the build quality was outstanding; with its gold leaf shop-front lettering, realistic brick work and cobbled street. The eclectic array of shops that included a cafe, antiques emporium and record store also allowed for a diverse range of fun puzzles for our team to undertake, making it a pleasingly tactile space with plenty of charmingly themed artefacts to investigate.

pier pressure brighton reviews

Whilst we felt the puzzle difficulty wasn’t set too high, there was more than plenty to keep stock of in its sixty minutes - particularly for our minimum team size of four (of note, the room can accommodate team sizes of up to nine, but we would recommend 4-6 for comfortable and maximum enjoyment!). Every single puzzle remained relevant to the theme and pleasingly covered all bases of puzzle styles that we hope to find in any escape room. 

Whilst we thoroughly enjoyed every task we undertook here - offering many stand out wow-moments, aided by the rooms subtle signposting and flawless flow right the way through to its finale - one particular team-based, spatial puzzle really stood out to us with it faultless, clever execution and rewarding resolve. Something we definitely hadn’t experienced in other escape rooms before and were enthralled by its rather smart inclusion! 

The traditional, whimsical setting could lead you to believe that this would be a lock/code heavy game, but Pier Pressure have done an impressive job of incorporating plenty of hidden tech that never once appears out of place. In fact, Loot The Lanes was the perfect marriage of both technological elements alongside the equally rewarding lock and code resolves of old.

Another aspect worthy of a mention was the clever auditory additions with one communication aspect that is generally only afforded to a single player on the team. It was presented in such a way that the whole team became privy to its action during its use. This unique touch was a pleasant novelty away from the generic escape room experiences we’ve had from this particular prop in the past.  

Overall, Loot The Lanes' full-priced, realistic, retail escape game most certainly won't leave you feeling short changed. With its generous wholesale batch of clever, unique puzzles, astounding set and interior designs all touted together by an exceptionally attentive GM means that for us, its on-par with Tulley’s Nethercott Manor as one of the best escape room experiences we’ve played in the country to date. 

Supplying us happy customers with one hell of a heroic, heist experience. 


Loot The Lanes - Pier Pressure, Brighton
Rating: 5

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