Directors Cut Escape Room Review

After a spot of location scouting for our next adventure, we booked to visit Get Lost Escape Rooms in Dover to play their newest game Director's Cut. The website gave little away in terms of its plot:

“Who is the Director? What will you find inside the cinema?” 

But having played Get Lost's other solid escape games we were intrigued enough to return for a sequel… 

Situated a short stroll from the main Get Lost venue, the Stembrook Lane site is housed within an ex-cooperative building now home to small local businesses selling their wares within an indoor market. If we’re honest our initial perception of the space did humble our expectations of finding a decent escape room build here - but we couldn’t have been anymore wrong!

Partitioned towards the back of the venue, Get Lost’s second location offered a good sized and perfectly themed waiting area with locker space and on-site toilets a few metres away. After a pleasant chat with the lovely owners Kym and Ross we were escorted into the room for our call time to begin our great escape. 

The wonderfully themed decor effortlessly transported our team into the lobby of an art deco’d era cinema, immediately dispelling our earlier judgement of the unassuming venues exterior. 

The entirely unexpected scale of the impressive set, along with the attention to detail of its realistic props and unique graphic designs scripted together in their respective supporting roles to aid in its overall theatrical immersion - and whilst we still thoroughly enjoyed Get Lost’s other great rooms, this was an evidential step-up in set realism from those predecessors. 

Get Lost Dover Escape Rooms Reviews

The tasks in Director’s Cut were immense fun to complete. Covering the full spectrum of puzzle bases they offered many opportunities for our team to spread out across the expansive space to undertake a variety of tasks simultaneously, whilst skilfully bringing us together again during moments that required a greater team effort. 

The sub-mission here also did well to aid our awareness of our progression throughout the room. Clues (or nudges) were delivered in an attentive and timely manner by Kym, who GM'd our game perfectly.

Whilst we didn't find anything particularly challenging, the enjoyment factor alongside the cinema theming and unique setting far outweighed any discredit due to leniency in puzzle difficulty. As a result, we reckon even hardened enthusiasts will still attend this screening entirely satisfied with the show that's on display. 

If we’re being unduly critical we felt the final puzzles dipped a little in comparison to the main bulk of the game but admit we attended a few weeks after opening where edits are likely before its probable final cut. 

There was also some clever tech elements implemented and we were mightily impressed by the clever transitions within the space, offering some unique escape room experiences as you progress throughout the game. We also appreciated the subtle comedic jibes directed towards reviewers in this room …something we haven't taken too personally! :) 

Although enthusiasts may action through Director's Cuts' tasks with relative ease, they'll remain joyfully rewarded by its immersive, blockbuster production values. For casual players and newbies this room is a definite box-office smash; offering the perfect storyboard for a 5 star escape with its multiplex of fun puzzles, unique theming and impressive set design.

Ensuring that ticket holders for this particular escape room premiere are in for a reel good time. 


Director's Cut - Get Lost Escape Rooms. Dover Kent
Rating: 4

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