Detention Escape room review margate

For our next adventure we enrolled back-to-school. This time for Ctrl Alt Esc’s classroom based escape game Detention. 

We were met by Cat our GM who had abandoned her earlier friendly tone and transformed into a rather intimidating schoolmarm. With us all subconsciously sat upright, she chastised us with the comedic reasoning behind our impending post-lesson custody. We really value escape rooms where the GM's adopt characterisation of the theme and Cat’s portrayal as our strict headmistress at Ctrl Alt Esc was top of the class. 

...But of course we’re far too cool for school to have to stay behind in detention! And with the teacher now safely out of the room, our task for the next 90 minutes was to try and break for freedom.

Transported back to a year 5 or 6 elementary class, the space we had suddenly found ourselves in featured all the tropes we had hoped to discover - along with a few surprises too! There was an overwhelming amount of theme-relevant props to investigate, replicating the mild chaos of a colourful classroom in the most favourable way. This allowed us to lawlessly separate where we could inspect the space individually, and then share our finds across the childish pandemonium that we had soon created. 

The realistic decor and furnishings were skilfully adapted for an escape room, with nostalgic nods for those of us of a certain age that will remember the cumbersome TV/VHS combo as one of the many memorable throwbacks from our school heyday. There was also some well-conceived tech additions that were subtle but effective, alongside some clever mechanics that on occasion were entirely unexpected. 

Detention escape room review ctrl alt esc margate

The puzzles here were an A+ with an eclectic mix of logic, search, observational and fun physical challenges, executed in well thought out concertina game structure that naturally brought the team together at points to work on the trickier puzzles. In addition to this and despite the amount of tangible props to peruse, there was not a red herring in sight. One of the larger physical props - whilst admittedly impressive in its design and function - did appear to be slightly misplaced amongst the rest of this rooms challenges which all remained rigorously relevant to its school theme.

Ex-pupils of the 80’s and 90’s will most certainly get the most out of this room, with its nostalgic nods and pop culture references that will enhance those players' enjoyment. In contrast, whilst this knowledge does compliment the experience, it is non-essential for puzzling success during the game. 

The auditory additions and unique clue systems was another plus, with their novel deliveries piquing amusement from our enthralled team any time they were presented. You’ll have a hard time not grinning your way through this fun escape room - particularly if you make it to its joyous finale.

In conclusion our end of term report states that being kept behind after class here was a top-marks experience for us. Ctrl Alt Esc have obviously done their homework with Detention’s studious setting, evocative theming, plentiful puzzles and witty audio all held together by the discipline of our talented Games Master/Head Teacher. 

So it goes without saying that we highly recommend getting up to no good in the playground of Ctrl Alt Esc next time you’re down in Margate might just experience the best Detention session of your life!


Detention - Ctrl Alt Esc Margate, Kent
Rating: 5

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