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Judgement D.A.V.E. is the second escape game instalment from the creative minds at Bewilder Box. Whilst the game is set in the same fictional institute it is actually situated at an entirely different location: The Brunswick pub in Hove, just a short stroll from Brighton’s famous seafront. 

As mentioned in our previous review for Bewilder Box’s first escape game, we usually approach above-a-pub rooms with caution, but given our previous experience at the companies Hobgoblin venue for The Bewilder Box Initiative we entered Judgement D.A.V.E. in confidence.

The Masternet 9000 is a rouge AI that has staged a mutiny of the Bewilder Box Initiative and is threatening to escape! As per Dr Wilder’s orders, our team must journey deep into its cognitive training facility to solve puzzles and utilise advanced field equipment to stop him before he does. Were we ready to use our mind and save humankind? If our grey matter up to the task? Is the Masternet good, or is he bad? We had 60 minutes to find out…

Met by an eccentric chap in a lab coat in the pubs downstairs bar area, we were introduced to Dr Boffin - our games master for the hour. As GM's go, Dr Boffin was amongst the best we’ve encountered having clearly honed his role as an engaging storyteller with his comedic dose of quick wit to perfection.

After an introductory video and once inside the game space, we were suitably impressed by what the Bewilder Box team had created. The highly detailed set felt a significant step-up from their (still excellent) first game. Suspending disbelief that you were merely above a pub - particularly during a busy bank holiday weekend - was a surprisingly easy feat thanks to the immersive training facility surroundings we’d suddenly found ourselves in.

Bewilder box escape room reviews judgement dave d.a.v.e Brighton hove

Whilst the space was smaller than the previous Bewilder Box game it isn't to its detriment as every corner was cannily utilised with an array of smart and original puzzle ideas that we had not experienced elsewhere.

There was also the inclusion of some charming technical additions, something we naively wasn’t expecting to find here due to their notable absence in the first escape game. However, even the more traditional resolves found within in walls of Judgement D.A.V.E. were extremely well executed with the implementation of one stand-out task particularly resonating with us long after we had left the venue. 

The room could be search heavy at times although the well-thought out formulation of the room prevented it from being the uninspiring chore this task can sometimes present. 

There was also an agreeable selection of solo undertakings that kept us all individually busy, alongside those requiring a team effort that brought us together during the more pivotal moments of the game.

Another novelty was the inclusion of the Masternet 9000, a computerised animation that was present throughout the sixty minutes. Its frequent interactions gave us some pause for thought whilst we ultimately decided whenever this rouge AI's intentions were honourable! It added further to the rooms interesting story arc and big finale, with a sprinkle of well placed humour which only served to strengthened the experience further. The AI was voiced by Norman Lovett and for those of us of a certain age will most certainly recognise him as Holly from 90’s cult TV sitcom Red Dwarf.

Admittedly we were a bit dubious of this games more costly price point for a team of four in comparison to other escape room venues in the area, but Judgement D.A.V.E. certainly proved to be no cache in.

It pushed all the right buttons to provide an excellent escape game interface; offering an array of exceptional, original puzzle ideas as its mainframe that was backed up further by an excellent story format and our joyous real-time host. 

It’s our favourite Bewilder Box game to boot - and one that we highly recommend phishing out.

Judgement D.A.V.E. Escape Room - Bewilder Box
Rating: 5

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