Edith Unescapable Escape Room Review Derby
During our jaunt around the East Midlands, we visited Unescapable in Derby to play their scare escape game Edith. We were excited but also rather nervous to play this room especially as it has recently won ScareCon 2018’s ‘Best New Scary Escape’ award!

The website description purposefully gave little away aside its anxiety inducing live actor and scare theme warnings. Alongside this was a mobility disclaimer highlighting the requirement for teams to crawl in dark spaces during the game.

"When we first open a time portal Unescapable sent one of their scientists back to make sure everything is ok and it is all safe and stable - they sent Edith, but unfortunately she hasn’t returned… They've now lost communication with her, but do know that she was trying to shut the portal down when something stopped her. Our team is needed to finish the job. The scientists at Unescapable would go themselves - but they’re too scared…"

Following a great introduction to the game by our GM's, who engagingly retold the rooms slightly limited plot, we unfortunately received some information that we felt was entirely unnecessary and cost us valuable time early on. The information offered related to an aspect of the room that we felt we would have been more thorough in inspecting had the implication made not led us to believe it wasn't required until later on in the game. Unless this is purposefully included to throw teams off (which we highly doubt), we were somewhat frustrated by its inclusion during the introductory chat. However, we completely understand other teams experience of this may differ depending on your own GM's script. 
Unescapable Escape Room Reviews
Edith had a brilliantly immersive, mildly physical, theatrical start, which we hoped would set the bar for things to come. What we found initially in fact was a rather generic escape space with very few tangible items to inspect or puzzles to complete. Admittedly the ominous lighting made the space feel foreboding but this novelty quickly became thwart due to its obvious GM triggering. This resulted in an exasperating experience where GM's could block successful puzzle resolves by merely shutting off the light. Frustratingly fun the first couple of attempts but 5+ goes later the antic quickly wore thin!

There were a couple of mildly physical, temperamental puzzles to resolve too; one of which eventually led to us, under the advisement of our GM, to use a tool from a separate task to speed up its tiresome resolve. This puzzle was poorly executed in both design and construction and with the offered resolve it was clear that we weren’t the first team to have had problems with it. 

One particular aspect requiring strong communication skills towards the end was completely off due to the inconsistency of the items needed to utilise it's successful resolve. This puzzle style - particularly presented the way it was within Edith - is usually avoided in most escape games due to the probability of a large cross-section of players having difficulty with its perception, along with another hindrance of lighting issues in the area where the solution needed to be sought. As this puzzle was such a drudge to complete it left devoid any sense of achievement on its eventual resolve, which lead to the final mildly comedic task to be somewhat of a damp squibb. 

There were some ominous decoration to be found in the latter part of the game that suited the theme well but the space was poorly utilised from a puzzle point of view, the expected potential scare-fest sadly never materialised and where the live actor inclusion had admittedly made us jump on a few occasions, it was far more tame than anything this game’s hype had led to expect.

Given the build-up around this game we believed it would match, or even surpass the pleasingly horrific experiences at both The Butcher and Nerve Klinik, but it was definitely weaker by comparison both in its terror factor and puzzle quality. 

Suspense from the much hyped anticipation and lacklustre scares aside, it's mostly linear game structure, temperamental puzzles that lacked in both quality and quantity, along with lighting issues in key areas meant that sadly for us the experience fell entirely flat. 

Perhaps (and much like our experience in Unescapable's other room Tommy) our experience here was owing to our seemingly unpopular 10am midweek booking, but as fully paying customers we are assuming that we were afforded the full and true experience of the room... 

As a result, if we had a time machine of our very own, we’d probably go back and avoid ever making the booking to enter Unescapable's portal to help find Edith. 

Edith Escape Room - Unescapable Derby
Rating: 2

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  1. 4 of us enthusiasts played Edith yesterday and had a very different experience. The GM had a good intro without any spoilers / misinformation. And she timed blackouts well. I think they may have changed the game play as the main room was like a safe zone always lit for anyone too scared to venture into the scarier areas. It was way scarier than Butcher that we played the day before and had more puzzles to solve lasting longer than the disappointingly short half hour of Butcher. Some rooms are definitely over-hyped and possibly change for better or worse over time. We also didn't highly rate Curio, but obviously appreciated their design.


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