Lock'd Grandpa's Last Will

We travelled to Lock’d in Bermondsey, South London to play their beginner friendly escape game Grandpa’s Last Will* 

The room’s plot - surmised easily from its title - told us that wealthy entrepreneur, scientist and world Traveller Neil Morgan has recently passed away. Fortunately, he has left his multi-million pound mansion, business empire and life savings to us! - But there’s a problem, we only have 60 minutes to find his Last Will before the police arrive and arrest us for trespassing…

The space was decorated to a sufficient standard, adequately depicting the study of our fictional, well-travelled Grandpa. There was a few befitting, generic props and furnishings to explore but admittedly nothing that we hadn’t seen in the many similar themed rooms we've played previously. However, we agreed that the space was decorated sufficiently enough given that it is candidly advertised as an introductory escape game for beginners. 

Our main issue was that some of the props were quite well worn and as a result made the ability to reach the resolve of some tasks unintentionally easy. This occasionally averted any mental challenge with us being able to arrive at solutions due to the unavoidable, evidential use of items at certain points in the space by previous players - although minor maintenance here could easily eradicate this issue. 

A positive was our prior assumption of the venue’s location which is situated in what is now known as The Biscuit Factory. We had assumed due to the likelihood of planning restrictions at the South London landmark (Founded in 1857 the building was once home to Peek Frean, a well-known biscuit makers who provided wedding cakes for both Queen Elizabeth II and Charles & Diana) that we would be unlikely find an escape game that offered purpose built areas or hidden passageways, and resigned to the fact that the games plot could be shoe-horned around its probable structural restrictions. Whilst this is somewhat true, the room remained skilfully designed and still offered inventive ways to manoeuvre the space that pleasingly kept with the habitual escape room formula we’ve come to expect at any location. 

The puzzles themselves were rather impressive despite them being traditionally lock-and-key/code heavy. There were some fun and interesting puzzle ideas that were offered simultaneously and kept all members of our team busy. Whilst some puzzle styles are likely to be unoriginal to seasoned players, who will advance through Grandpa’s Last Will without difficulty, they were still fun and rewarding to complete - even for enthusiasts. Remaining pleasingly on theme with its plot throughout. There are a few time-wasting red herrings to be found here though, which we know are not always a popular inclusion!

Overall and in consideration of its admission as an introductory space - Grandpa’s Last Will is a pipe-and-slippers example of a sturdy, traditional, early generation escape room. After a much needed revival of some of its tired props and decor, this room has the potential to inherit the title as an excellent starting point for beginners. Bequeathing all the assets required for a first-timers foray into the world of 60 minute escape games. 


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