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We arrived at the secluded venue nestled in the Bedfordshire countryside to play the two escape rooms currently on offer at Don’t Get Locked In.

Warmly welcomed to the venue by Cathy, whom after an informal chat kindly educated us out-of-towners of Leighton Buzzard’s history and its import World War II Q Central past - a nerve centre that had a key role in the most significant campaigns during the conflict. 

Armed with this new knowledge made the prospect of playing the WW2 themed The Secret Hut all the more appealing. Invited to watch a well produced video prior to entering the room also did well to further amp our excitement to play. 

On entering the room the decor was notably minimal, although we forgave this given the setting was a far from glamorous war bunker. There was some nice furniture pieces befitting of the period and a few nods to the era dotted around, although felt it was not quite as immersive as other WW2 themed games we’ve played. 

This room did ofter a great auditory inclusion though, which went someway to assist us in suspending disbelief that we were in fact just inside an outhouse in Bedfordshire. 

Don't Get Locked In Escape Rooms

Sadly the puzzles here were a bit too hit and miss for us. Whilst there were some pleasing tasks to undertake, we aren't enthusiasts of puzzles where the outcome is obvious but require a great deal of time-consuming information pulling to resolve. It was also a relatively linear room so often found ourselves bottlenecked and working together on one puzzle which in turn rapidly ate away at our time. Whilst we appreciate these are entirely personal preferences, we cannot help but favour multi-layered rooms that allows you a greater opportunity to explore the space separately. This is particularly important when playing as larger groups considering this room accommodates up to six players.

Overall The Secret Hut was an acceptable early generation escape game but involved minute-munching, monotonous tasks that resentfully added to its time pressure. In our opinion it was also devoid of any big standout puzzles or moments.

That being said, It’s definitely the stronger room of the two at this venue and its authentic historical links certainly add to its appeal.

So did we escape? Well, let’s just say it wasn't our finest hour… 

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