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We visited Pier Pressure in Brighton after hearing rave reviews (excuse the pun) about this venue from other satisfied escape enthusiasts. 

We managed to squeeze in 3 of the 4 games currently on offer at the venue during our visit and Raver Quest - set in a 90’s rave nightclub to an epic dance music soundtrack - sounded right up our street. 

The plot promised an hour of unique fusions of interactive puzzles, games and high octane raving in order to discover what had happened to our missing raver friends…

Our experience got off to a great start before even crossing the rooms threshold having been met outside by our games master 'DJ Clueless'. He performed his role as the happy hardcore, Ibiza frequenting stereotype to sheer perfection. Getting us suitably into the party spirit for our clubbing quest ahead. 

Entering the room we found everything we expected - and remembered from our own clubbing days; a fittingly darkened faux-basement/warehouse styled space, lit with strobes and a lighting rig that was admirably installed so that its inclusion never hindered our ability to complete puzzles comfortably. 

Pier Pressure Brighton
The theme was strengthened further with props and day-glo decor in an authentic throwback to the smiley-faced era. The puzzles were tech-heavy and a nice balance of styles; logical, memory-based and observational. There was also fun, mildly psychical tasks to undertake, supported further by the inclusion of highly produced visual elements. We also felt that the puzzles were set at a medium difficulty level therefore never conflicted with its jovial theming. 

The auditory aspect of this room was another major highlight. Never troublesomely stifling that it impeded your concentration, nor intense enough to prevent non-dance music fans from having a good time. 
The soundtrack however, was still present enough to occasionally stop you in your tracks for a quick boogie break whilst you reminisced along to an EDM classic you recognised! 

Sadly we experienced a tech-issue towards the end of our run but our GM handled the situation well. He went to great efforts in attempt to reset the puzzle and appeared genuinely disheartened that we would miss this aspect during our game.

Temperamental tech aside, we thoroughly enjoyed our time in this room. Its unique theme effortlessly lent itself to an array of exciting, flamboyant puzzles that were immense fun to complete. 

Its amusing big climax also guarantees that you won’t regret getting yourself on the guest list and booking your own hour inside Pier Pressure’s Raver Quest. 

...And as Kicks Like A Mule so eloquently put it - "if your names not down, you’re not coming in!"

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