Murder on the dancefloor escape room review

Fascinated by its novelty theme, we arrived at Pressure Point to play Murder On The Dancefloor - a jovial spin on the classic murder mystery game.

Set in 1978 within the glamour of 2P’s nightclub, we've heard rumours that the ‘King of Groove’ has been murdered. With our belonging still inside theres no way we can get home, so we must find another way in. Of course curiosity gets the better of us and we can’t help but have a snoop around - and this is where the gift of groove quickly becomes sinister!

Armed with new identities and into the first part of the challenge, we naively assumed we’d be thrown straight into a room of flamboyant, 1970’s disco psychedelia. Instead we found ourselves in a smaller space requiring us to complete puzzles in order to gain access to the main game area. Despite this throwing us off our proverbial platform shoes, the first few initial puzzles here were fun to complete and cleverly on-theme. They ran parallel keeping all members of our team busy searching and solving riddles. 

Despite its smallish size the space was utilised well and during any “ain’t no stopping us” enthusiasts run, the unconventional clue system here is still worth taking advantage of just for its original and amusing characteristics.

Murder on the dance floor escape room

As the game opened up the decoration continued to impress, with a variation of puzzle styles to suit all preferences playing nicely to our team members various individual strengths. There was plenty to search and investigate, a pleasingly tactile room with an interactive set that offered little in the way of traditional padlocks and codes. The puzzles veered slightly more towards mildly physical challenges than sterner logical tests but supported the rooms more affable synopsis well. 

As stressed in the briefing, throughout the game you discover evidence to point towards the King of Grooves’ murder culprit. Whilst arriving at these conclusions was never overtly challenging nor easily missed, it was still immense fun whittling down the suspects to obtain the name of our disco offender. The big finale puzzle was probably the rooms most challenging aspect, but one that did well to amp up the pressure of those last few seconds to escape ...and that’s the way (we like it)!

Despite its underlying premise of a classic murder mystery, Pressure Point have done a chic job in keeping this room light-hearted and humorous. We felt there were a couple of missed opportunities for tasks we were definitely expecting to find here, but on reflection perhaps avoiding this obvious route was entirely intentional. 

Our sixty minutes in the boogie wonderland of Murder On The Dancefloor offered a funky multilayered space with an array of consistently rewarding, tactual puzzles. An all round excellent escape room with little to freak out about, with its unfamiliar plot and setting guaranteeing good times for both escape room newbies and enthusiasts alike.


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